How To Order

Our primary focus is propagating pre-booked custom orders specifically for each customer. You’ll get what you need, when you need it! Please feel free to send us your orders as far in advance as you like (we have received future orders as far 3 years out!). Propagation times can vary widely depending on the variety. Use our handy lead time guide to help you with planning and download our plant list We also have a limited list of ready now items from our Extra Availability List. Click here to be added to our weekly email list.

Why Is Your Availabilty So Limited?

Our Extra Availability List is comprised of some spec items and overages on orders than have shipped. We primarily propagate custom pre-booked orders. If you would like to order from our full plant list please place a custom order.

Why We're Different: The Plants

Our sole focus is propagation, with an emphasis on California natives and drought tolerant varieties. We maintain our own mother stock for all varieties we carry at our original site a few miles away. This allows us to have better control over liner quality and meeting your desired ship dates. Cuttings are harvested and planted daily to reduce plant stress, giving your plants the best start! Everything is grown in deep cell elle pots filled with our custom soilless blend, made in-house weekly. The deep cell gives you a stronger, more robust liner without sacrificing tray count. And our elle pots make transplanting faster, with minimal stress to the liner. With multiple pinches, you'll receive a well-branched liner that is ready to grow, no PGRs used here! Our goal is to do all the work for you up front, so you can move your product faster and with less labor on shaping and sorting!

Why We're Different: The People

We’re big enough to take care of your needs, but small enough to quickly react and handle any of your concerns. The office and production are tightly connected, ensuring you get taken care of! As a third generation family owned and operated business, we care about our customers and your success. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!Danny Takao, President – [email protected]Lisa Takao-McCall, Director of Operations –[email protected]Renu Takao, CFO –[email protected]Traci Nottingham, Office Manager –[email protected]Monique Nonini, Office Assistant - [email protected]Vicki Oda, Accounts Receivable – [email protected]

Got Elle Pots?

Our "Calipots" are our very own "California Elle Pots"! We make them fresh in-house every week for our own production and we can also provide them for your propagation use. Our custom soilless blend is ideal for the growing conditions of the Golden State! Contact us for more information and pricing."We are impressed with how much better your Elle's perform. We've done side by side comparisons!" -Christine Altermann, Propagator at Monterey Bay Nursery

Looking for California Buffalograss?

You've found the right source at Takao Nursery, but please visit our dedicated website at!

Looking for Kurapia?

We are only liner propagators of this patented drought tolerant groundcover! Please visit to place an order or inquire about large volume or trade pricing. Be sure to let them know Takao sent you!